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Julie Banks (Jewls)

Deaconess | Youth Ministries | Welcome Coordinator | Outreach

Ms. Julie has attended Grace Fellowship Church since 2004. She is a mentor and valued teacher in Children's Sunday School, Youth Ministries, and Kids Clubs.

Julie serves the church in multitasking roles: as a Youth Leader, Welcome Committee, Spiritual Guidance, Mentor, and Deaconess. She is passionate about encouraging teenagers and adults to grow in their relationships with Christ.

Julie loves to be a huge Jokester, enjoys engaging with family, and pulling a prank or two on friends. Music is a huge priority, along with, going to concerts, movies, breaking bread, and sharing life.

When she is not completing random acts of kindness, you will find Ms. Julie traveling somewhere beachy or being out in nature saving some animal or insect.


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